5D MarkII smaller Image sizes: No Bayer interpolation?

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Re: 5D MarkII smaller Image sizes: No Bayer interpolation?

There is always interpolation. If you shoot jpeg of various sizes, or shoot raw and process on your mac/pc. There's always interpolation. What he's probably observing is pixel-sharpness - but don't confuse that with resolution. Downsizing an image to the M and S sizes, whether you do it in-camera or in photoshop/watever will always lose resolution when compared to the full size image.

BUT when you look at them they will look sharper, this is because you're cramming the interpolated information from a 21mp sensor into a 12mp image , which will always have more information that an interpolated 12mp sensor into a 12mp image. I dunno what the 'equivelance' in resolution would be (probably dependent on downsizing algorithms etc), but it would be somewhere in between what a 21mp sensor would get you, and what a 12mp sensor would get you. Too many variables to predict accurately.
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