D7000 - why I won't be getting one

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Re: D7000 - why I won't be getting one

trying to choose between the d7000 and the 60d to upgrade from an Xsi

the 60d has for me two things are are more annoying than the aforementioned d7000 'faults' for left eyed shooters... I'm strong right eye....

the silly.. I use this term loosely as it is really a potential PITA.... 'lock button' on the mode wheel and the swivel LCD screen.. not needed on both... the d7000 has the benefits of dual SD card slot... doesn't feel as 'plasticky' while holding it as does the 60d.. and has the ability to use a GPS accessory from Nikon .. we travel a lot

the bad points for me on the would-be switch over to Nikon and the d7000... as a long time Canon fan and user the 'different' and diverse menus the d7000 has takes on a new and different learning curve for me

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