TL350/WB2000 vs P300

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Re: TL350/WB2000 vs P300

After carefully reading your requirements and reading up more on rolling shutter effects, I believe my TL350 1080 videos exhibit the troublesome wobble discussed in the context of the rolling shutter effect. I think there may be some interaction with the image stabilization during videos on the TL350 that produce the image distortions I see in my TL350 videos. Then again, I have a Samsung refurbished camera and it may have some problem that was never addressed when refurbished ???

As discussed elsewhere:

To imagine how Wobble might affect the scanning of an image, picture the idea of shooting a scene while tilting the camera upwards. If the camera moved fast enough, it may be possible for you to “race” the rolling shutter down the frame, and thus the camera would “stretch” any object that was being filmed – it’d keep repeating that same section over and over, pulling and stretching the object down the frame. Or when moving down, the image might become artificially shortened or compressed. Now, let’s throw in the concept of handheld motion (a little up, a little down, some tilting or diagonal movement, etc) and you can see where the “wobble” comes in: as the camcorder is moving downward the image becomes stretched out; when it moves upward the image gets scrunched down, and as it moves side to side it leans one way or the other. The result is that your entire frame becomes “wobbly”; a way to describe it might be to say that it looks like you’re shooting through a layer of Jell-O™

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