Big Bad D700 Grip Power Issue!

Started Jul 14, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Shumbalion Regular Member • Posts: 129
Big Bad D700 Grip Power Issue!

This has happened a few times now, using the grip iv been unable to take a shot.

The camera is set to use the grip first then internal battery after that.
It doesn't matter what type of batteries I use AAs or Nikon ones.
(NiMH 2850mAh 1.2V HR6 and EN-EL3e)

It just decides at random time that the camera has no power and cant seam power out of 'standby' or whatever.

It can be on or off it just happens, go to take a shot and nothing happens as its thinks there no power. Turning on and off doesn't fix it!

Look at the top display and its just flashing the battery icon with 1 blip left on it,

you even lose the part telling you how many shots remain! Another note I don't think it shows the BP icon.

The batteries are not faulty or old at all it appears to be ether a body or grip issue. Iv rotates batteries before having the problem over and over until it decided to go again.

The only fix for this is to remove the power from the grip and put it back in again and that doesn't always work.

I haven't had the D700 'that long' yet the problems popped up 1 to many times now although admittedly its not frequent or easy to reproduce. But that's besides the point, its evidently got some fault.

Thought id ask if people had similar issues before sending in for a fix.

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