Anyone shoot raw with the M.Zuiko 9-18mm?

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Re: Anyone shoot raw with the M.Zuiko 9-18mm?

mfbernstein wrote:

I was thinking more about things like vignetting though which seems to get undo attention in these parts where fast lenses are concerned. m4/3 lenses basically get a pass on this because they're corrected in third-party converters by default, whereas other lenses aren't.

There's no evidence that any Micro Four Thirds camera correct vignetting. A few lenses don't illuminate the entire sensor area at their widest settings, but after distortion correction is applied these dark corners are cropped out. This makes it a technicality, in my book - in practical use it doesn't normally matter in the slightest.

But that's just it. If you use Nikon Capture NX or the camera's own JPEGs, your output by default will be corrected for CA, vignetting and in most cases now distortion.

Well, this isn't really true. If you shoot JPEGs distortion correction can only be applied post-capture in the Retouch menu, and only for lenses the camera recognises and has in its database.This is one critical difference between the rather tacked-on SLR solutions and Micro Four Thirds - the way the lens actively passes its own correction parameters to the camera and raw file (which, for example, means cameras don't need FW updates to recognise new lenses).

But you do your tests with ACR which does not perform these corrections by default. And so what you call the 'default state of the system' is simply a matter of what a particular 3rd party raw converter defaults to.

For most manufacturers it turns out to be both an accurate reflection both of the camera's JPEG processing, and (of course) of the results you might get expect with the industry-standard raw converter. We're fully aware it's an increasingly grey area these days, though.

You could quite easily argue that the default state is the one the manufacturers themselves choose. Most people using m4/3 will never see the distortion and vignetting the OP was objecting to, true, but the same is true of most people shooting other systems at this point. However, in the latter cases, the reviews mention the issues, but not in the former.

Sorry, this is nonsense. Most SLR users will see distortion by default, and our Micro Four Thirds lens reviews have always shown the uncorrected distortion characteristics of the lens too.
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