Deformed Crab - Radiation From Fukushima, Japan?

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Re: Deformed Crab - Radiation From Fukushima, Japan?

453C wrote:

Tesselator wrote:

453C wrote:

Tesselator wrote:

453C wrote:

Tesselator wrote:

bla bla bla... image, bla bla...

The brand rants seen here are bad enough, but this is completely off the rails.

The next time you want to kick off a similar thread, I'd prefer you did so in News Discussion or Open Talk . You're clearly pushing your opinion on something completely unrelated to m43, or photography in general, and those forums are better suited for such enlightening discussions. I know you'll find plenty of people to argue with there.

Before you whine at me about being a Forum Cop or some other nonsense, note that I didn't click Complain, and I didn't say you should not be allowed to post your deformed crab photo in m43 Talk . All I'm asking for is a little courtesy on your part. I hope that's not too much.

I think that is too much to ask actually. And not because I'm willful or stubborn either. Ya see, I posted the image cuz I thought it looked cool. There was also an interesting aspect to it - the crab was deformed. I personally had no idea people (actually I should say idiots, not people) were going to use my hunch as a launch-pad for the propaganda spewage of some bizarre pro nuclear agenda hate messages. That was all completely out of my control. I did feel compelled to reply to the spammers and trolls but if that happens again (and this is DPR so I'm sure it will) in the future I probably will act the same way and reply about the same as I did here.

I tried. Given your attitude, I'm not surprised by your response. Anyone that doesn't agree with you is an idiot, spammer, or troll? Good to know.

I stand by what I said. From your original post to every subsequent one, you've been pushing your agenda and looking for a fight. If this mess has to be anywhere, it belongs in News Discussion or Open Talk , where people seem to enjoy this level of discourse. That you refuse to even concede on this point is again, unsurprising.

Of course. When you don't actually read anything I said then it's really easy to draw your conclusion.

But I do protest however... The idiots, spammers, and trolls here aren't so because they disagree with me. They're idiots, spammers, or trolls because they fit the classic definition of those things. Come on, even you have to admit that this thread was skewed off into oblivion by trolls and I doubt you'll deny the person claiming that radiation is actually good for you is a complete idiot! No? Perhaps moron is the better adjective? Then read all those messages that contributed nothing, had no intellectual content, and didn't even relate to the topic. This is the classical definition of spam and a person doing it is a spammer.

So I too stand by what I said! It can't be helped by me that spammers, idiots, morons, and trolls took this otherwise innocent image posting into the depths of ridiculousness. But that is actually extremely common on DPR. Why all the spammers, trolls, and numbskulls end up here is beyond me but they sure seem too. By your response I would guess you're no exception. Am I wrong?

Ask yourself... What did your message contribute? What did it accomplish? And in hat spirit was it posted? Right? Conviction can be good for you if you learn from it!

I've read every post in this thread.

Then your reading comprehension is in the mud bro! As is revealed completely evident by this remark:

this type of thread

I haven't said a word about the content,

You just did. And you did in every other post as well. My brother, seriously, is your self awareness that low?

it has nothing to do with m43, or even photography,

It has everything to do with photography and M43 just as my previous thread did.

People here made it about something else. Not me. You can't seriously ask me to second guess what political agendists and anal pro nuclear propagandists will do nor how they will react.

I also haven't attacked you or anyone else. You certainly can't say the same.

Yes you did! And you just did it again right there. Just saying you didn't do something WHILE you're doing it doesn't really make it true or even convincing. Seriously, read you initial message.

Your opening post was clearly an attempt to push your agenda

If you really think so you're delusional - perhaps borderline insane.

that's what this thread has always been about.

Reading comprehension... delusional...

That you're now attacking me...

Actually I'm trying to help you. You have some (perhaps deep) personal problems which led you to make some very mistaken conclusions. I'm simply helping you to identify them. The first step in fixing yourself is to identify what's broken - or in this case missing .

I'll be out taking photos.

I hope so... that's so much better than siting at the keyboard and trashing people you decide in a fit of lunacy, are not acting as you would like them to.

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