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Kim Letkeman
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*sigh* ... here is a proposal for you all ...

aig wrote:

In inviting Kim Letkeman back, the mods have revealed that they'd rather have a bully in our midst to stir things up. Frankly, I do not wish to have such an unpleasant person in my life (even in this tiny corner of cyberspace), and there are many others who remain silent for fear of being attacked by Team Kim.

But the mods' actions appear to have precipitated what was intended by some - to reduce this forum into a desert-dry, pedantic, infantile place where several individuals, who appear to have far too much time on their hands, get their jollies by putting others down.

Four paragraphs of rehashed anger and bile for what purpose exactly?

Read the chronology of this thread a little more carefully and you will see that there are four people who are (for whatever reason) engaging in character assassination, more or less starting up where you all left off after my ban.

Each one launched an unprovoked attack (some more than one) in this thread without me even being present. And since you all know that I will not defend myself against these myths and legends (which I consider ridiculous), you deflected much of your bile onto others. Not a lot of honor or courage in that.

Now, this post is not a response to the myths and legends themselves. They simply do not matter ... however, I would ask the four of you if you think that have somehow improved the forum by this unprovoked series of attacks?

The answer is, of course, no.

So here is my suggestion. Why don't you all stick to photography? I am participating in gear discussions right now and not talking about you fellas all. Why not give the forum the same courtesy?

That's right ... just talk about the gear and the craft.

The rest will take care of itself ...

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