24-105L vs 35/2 and 85/1.8

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Re: 24-105L vs 35/2 and 85/1.8

Sorry guys - I didn't even realise until now this thread had been resurrected.

The links are dead because I dumped the comparison images about a year ago. Had there been a bit more interest shown when I originally posted them I probably would have left them up, but there wasn't a single comment at the time.

I've since sold the 35/2 - to be honest its centre resolution was no better than the the 24-105L at equivalent apertures and the edges and corners were horrible - it really doesn't sharpen up edge to edge until about f/11. It's two stops faster than the zoom but I didn't need that so I offloaded it.

The 85/1.8 is a different story and I still have mine. It's light, sharp across the whole frame, ring USM and as expected it beats the 24-105L for resolution. Not by a lot, but noticable even on a (low pixel density) 5D. Purple fringing can be an issue below f/2.8 but all in all, a lovely lens.

But the real standout in the comparison was the 24-105L. It can't quite match the 85 for resolution and it's a couple of stops slower than the two primes, but for a 4.4x zoom it does a brilliant job. And of course I still have it

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