The pros and cons of m4/3

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Re: The pros and cons of m4/3

Anders W wrote:

On what basis do you say that the 600/11 wouldn't be bigger, especially in the dimension that counts the most (length). To my knowledge, long teles, regardless of speed, are rarely (if ever) much shorter than half the focal length. So that 600, even if slow, would most likely be close to 30 cm long (unless it's a mirror lens, which is another ball-game altogether).

Right in that it may still be long, but it would have way less glass and be less 'fat' and heavy. Just look at the from element of a current 600mm lens, you can almost store the camera inside the lens hood.

So my point it's the same: now that quality at high ISOs is so good -specially compared to film- we don't always need fast apertures as we needed a decade ago, so a FF system could benefit from slower and hence smaller and lighter lenses. A slow 600mm would still be bigger than its M4/3 equivalent, no doubt, but not by such a big margin, and it would make FF even more attractive than it is today.

Slow lenses or not, I think mirrorless FF still has a good chance (as long as some company release such a system) because it is the most versatile format (selection of lenses, including T/S wides or fast f/1.2 or 1.4 primes, control over DOF, megapixel count, high ISO...) and with the best quality/size compromise (as good and in some cases even better than digital MF, yet very portable -as demonstrated by pros everyday-).

In fact, there is an 'almost mirrorless' FF system very small and with outstanding quality -specially in the lenses- that many people would like to own... if it weren't for the price: the Leica M system. I don't expect a Canon, Sony or Nikon mirrorless FF system to be as small because of some technologies -like AF or IS- but wouldn't be much bigger. And of course it would be way cheaper (mass production, economies of scale).

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