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Re: After reading your post..

tom wrote:

harry2007 wrote:

Yes, I am happy with my Nex-5, except it lacks of HQ lens (still waiting the CZ one).
But, I would also like to upgrade to Nex-7 or Nex-9 etc. in the future

why, what additional features do you want/need?

  • Quiet shutter

  • AF/MF without menu diving (NOT DMF - I want to be able to turn AF off even if I remove my finger from the shutter - the AF/MF button on the A700 is perfect, but any control that lets me lock focus is better than menu-diving)

  • Adjust LCD brightness w/o menu diving (esp with no EVF ... HX5V with similar UI allows this ... very handy going from indoors to outdoors & back)

  • SSS on/off without menu diving

  • Multi Shot NR

  • Level

  • Requisite sensor improvements

  • Faster AF

I wouldn't upgrade my NEX-5 trivially. If anything, I would consider buying a G3-style EVF body (like rumored NEX-7) to use in addition to the NEX-5, but don't see myself upgrading the NEX-5 for a while. As much as I can envision improvements, I'm not into buying expensive gear to use it only a short time. OTOH, the NEX-5 isn't nearly as satisfying from a usability POV as my aging A700, so I would consider an upgrade that I viewed as drastically better.

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