G12 Macro Mode Question

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ryan2007 Forum Pro • Posts: 12,001
Re: G12 Macro Mode Question

Go to your local store that carries this camera to compare another G12. I think your camera is defective or something else is the issue.

All you do in "P", "AV" or "AUTO" is press the flower button on the back dial (across from the lightning bolt that controls flash options) to activate the macro option. Press the Func/Set button in the middle to set and the flower icon remains on the LCD.

I have no idea what changes you made in your menu system. I would reset everything back to factory for a place to start again. Start by only doing this macro function.

Like I said, if it still does not work your camera is defective or damaged. It needs repair or to be returned if the camera is new. You can keep going day after day and if it does not work It Never will unless it is looked at in person and even compared to another G12.

Not much else to say until you trouble shoot against another camera.

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