Wonder if Peter Lik will be mad?

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Amazing photos....

Qwntm wrote:

bronxbombers wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

Qwntm wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

Great shot and I'm sorry I missed the gardens and the tree the many times I was in Portland. The consolation is I probably wasn't there at the best time anyway. I've seen Roman's shot too but that was some years ago.

I am confused though as to what the purpose is of starting a thread in a Canon forum on an image taken 5 years ago with a Nikon. Maybe I missed something.

Nice work on both images though.

Yea, fair point... I guess I consider myself a Canon forum guy because I shoot with pro Canon gear these days and don't read the other forums all that much anymore. It's really a pro commentary anyway, and I guess this is Canon's forum where the canon pro's would hang out.

As for purpose, why must there be a "goal" for posting to a forum anyway? I don't go into a coffee shop with a goal of achieving anything most of the time, except maybe getting a cup of coffee, conversation doesn't always have to be guided inquiry... free range conversation is becoming a lost art... shame really.

Fair enough and I don't disagree.

My comment was motivated by the many times people have been berated for posting images in the camera forums and that's even when they've been taken by a camera specific to the forum. I'm not one of the self appointed forum police and don't want to be but I've seen them out in force for much less and find it interesting this passed below their radar. Maybe it's the very slow and boring times here on DPR in the Canon forums. Not much to sink your teeth into lately.

All's good.


I've noticed that people freely post images and discuss in the rebel forum, and then somewhat less so with a bit more people complaining about it in the xxD/7D forums and then very little in the 1/5 series forums where so many people go insane whenever someone tries to post images or discuss generally. In some ways it feels like it would be nicer to shoot a Rebel hah, nice friendly chat with the least attitude.

Yea, screw that. We should all post great images and discuss them and why shooting with 1Dxxx or 5Dxxx cameras allow us to do what we do. I'm tired of clowns and jerks ruling the world...

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Wow Edward, amazing images! The horizontal especially, is just stunning!

And I agree completely with your comment above. Too many gearheads here seem to think these forums are only for them. Posting high quality images more often here would surely improve the quality of these forums. And I daresay the discussion that would follow would surely be more enjoyable than all the lens and gear wars that typically pollute this place.

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