2nd hand 400mm f/4 DO: advice seeked

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2nd hand 400mm f/4 DO: advice seeked

I've found the chance of purchasing a 2nd hand Canon 400 mm f/4 DO lens.

Before I jump into the pool, I'd like to have some advice from those of you that own/have owned this lens, and how it does compare to other similar lenses.

Here is a list of my main concerns and stuff I'd like to make sure:

  • I want to make sure that it has been manufactured in/after mid 2002. I'm mailing the owner so he tells me what the manufacturing code is. That´s because I've read in different places that lenses manufactured prior to this date were softer than the new ones. Am I right?

  • How does it behave when attached to the 1.4x Canon TC?

  • Idem eadem idem with the Canon 2x ('classic' and/or mark II version of the TC).

  • What is your experience with the lens with the 1D3 and 7D (and the 5D for that matter, although I'm planning to use it most with my cropped cams)

Any other concerns from your point of view? I've read about the natively low contrast of this lens, wich would be a shortcoming I can live with.

OTOH, while my original plan was to buy a 500 f/4, I think that for purposes of trekking and photographing wildlife while keeping my backpack light, this lens would suit me better, and I wouldbe able to use it handheld most of time -which I rather prefer-.

I already have the Canon 100-400, but it is my understanding that these lenses play in different leagues when it comes to IQ. Am I right?

Any advice on these and other topics with the lens are very welcome. There are probably some more questions that will come to mind, and I'd like to ask you guys as they come.

Thanks in advance!!!

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