what to do, what to do???

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Re: what to do, what to do???

coffeeman wrote:

I have the 18-55IS kit lens.

should I sell it and buy the 18-270 tamron for 700 dollars,.

buy the 55-250 IS canon for 200 dollars

With the 18-55 and the 55-250, you have covered probably 95% of the range that you will every need.

This combination provides you with the basic needs with acceptable quality at an affordable price.

But what you eventually do with you lens needs depends on the type of photography you engage in

  • For taking snapshots of the family, some outdoor scenery, the above will do.

  • But if you intend to do sports photography, specially indoor or fast action, this combination will be found wanting.

  • Special applications like birds-in-flight photography will require some other equipment (sometimes a faster camera body and longer, fast lenses).

  • Portrait photography - for commercial applications, you will have to get other lenses

  • High quality - here you will need to consider the very much more expensive "L" lenses.


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