$1200 for the X100, no interchangable lens and all these problems

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$1200 for the X100, no interchangable lens and all these problems

After reading the review of the X100 and the following issues, why would anyone want one? $1200 is better spent with Nikon or Canon.

▪ Camera locks-up certain key functions for several seconds while writing to card (including ISO)

▪ Requires fastest possible SD cards to give tolerable write speeds when shooting raw

▪ Several key features buried deep in the menus (Auto ISO, ND filter, flash exposure compensation)

▪ Autofocus not quite as fast and accurate as the best mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras
▪ 'Focus by wire' manual focus slow and unresponsive (but accurate)
▪ No face detection AF system
▪ Very little customization of controls available
▪ Inconsistent button operation for secondary controls
▪ Eccentric and buggy firmware, poorly organized menus
▪ Relatively poorly-implemented video mode
▪ 4-way controller can feel laggy and imprecise
▪ Menu/OK button too small and not very positive
▪ Lens gets very soft at large apertures and close focus distances

Even if it has excellent ISO, there seem to be too many problems for this camera. I just don't get it.

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