Lumix DMC ZS8 vs ZS10

Started Jun 23, 2011 | Discussions thread
LeenaNZ New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Lumix DMC ZS8 vs ZS10

I am currently deciding between a ZS7 and the newer ZS10.

I previously had the TZ5 however it was stolen and I go to many events and concerts so would really like to get the ZS10 since it has a bigger zoom.

At this stage this only thing putting me off is the negative feedback the ZS10 has received for image quality in low-light.
Has anyone used the zoom on this camera at concerts?

I am usually pretty close to the stage and I wouldn't be enlarging/printing many of the photos so would love to hear anyone's thoughts of the the ZS10's function at a concert or similar situation.

I wouldn't expect excellent quality photos at the full 16x zoom but keen to hear anyone's thoughts as everything else about the camera sounds awesome!


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