To G2 or not G2, that is the question...

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gary ng Senior Member • Posts: 1,796
Re: To G2 or not G2, that is the question...

I can easily carry it around, whereever I go. I would say G3 is a model that stucks in the middle. I would rather go higher up to a Minolta D7i or a used D30+50mm lens or lower down to the S45.

MarkMc wrote:
what's better about a much slower lens?


gary ng wrote:
Huh ? That depends on the price difference. I won't mind a G2 at
sub-400. Well may be I would as I see an even better model called
the S45.

Franklin wrote:

Two weeks later, I sold it to a friend and ordered the G3 and a 512
Mb 25x CF card. I got it Monday. I’m a happy man!

That's what a friend is for, LOL. G2 is for uninformed cosumers
now. That's why Best Buy don't even put G3 on the floor before they
deplete their G2 stock. Don't be one of those uninformed ones. If
you know there is G3 out there, you will never be happy with a new
G2. There is always the doubt in the back of your mind. Go, get G3
and be happy for a year before they release G4.

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