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Re: ZD 50-200 vs. Nikon 70-200

Robert Schroeder wrote:

Rriley wrote:

the MTF of lenses will drop considerably when heavily cropped, and where the MTF is suffering already ? .... you simply cant take heavy crops from larger sensors as equal to 4/3rds of the same Mp, it doesnt work that way

It works perfectly well just as long as the lens the image from which is to be cropped resolves the pixel pitch of the sensor which is employed.


if the lens MTF started out more or less equal with 4/3rds (and in a lot of cases for APSC thats a stretch) the MTF suffers greatly as resolution falls. Therefore everything good about higher resolution and better lenses suddenly becomes a lot worse

systems are not just sensors, they are sensor and lens. You left off the lens bit

Or, in other words: if the 100% screen view looks good, it works.

well you need to know thats total cr a p
im surprised you dont

and as you mention pixels, case in point, E5 vs 7D

our 12Mp is 21% under the 17Mp of 7D, yet the resolution is only 15% behind. Crop the image and I guarantee you that 7D will get far under E5 resolution. Thats just how it is, always better to be at the full system size, thats why theyre made that way ..


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