µ4/3 macro photography - advice needed

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Re: Thanks everyone! First result with extension tubes.

pen araneae wrote:

The problem with both types of subjects are they move, so finding focus and stopping down the aperture at the same time is the main challenge. On top of that lighting is another major issue. Flash is a must to freeze the motion.

I'm currently using a Canon DSLR for dragonfly photography (flying ones, if possible). I don't like flash, because the lighting often looks unnatural (not always, but it is difficult to control especially with moving subjects). So I use natural light, it can be done ... A tripod is obviously not an option for flying dragons, which means struggling with the light, motion blur, DOF etc.

I'm wondering if m43 would work for this (I'm looking for a more compact system), as I have seen some very nice (static) dragonfly images on the forum e.g. from the panny 100-300 lens. On Canon I can't use AF (too slow) for in-flight shots, but I have auto-aperture which is a must for this. My major concern for m43 would be the speed and resolution of the display (viewfinder), as this is very important for getting the shot. One example attached below.

You can see the results in the flckr page http://www.flickr.com/ehktang .

many nice macro images!

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