Disappointed with 50mm F1.4

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Re: Disappointed with 50mm F1.4

Damoo wrote:

The 50 mm f1.4 is capable of producing better IQ than the ones u have shared. Thats for sure. I own a 50mm f1.4 and use it with my 7D. At f2.8 onwards it gives stunning sharp pictures. Even at f2.0 its very sharp.

1. Cud u check if u can exchange the lens.

Yes I can so I think I will.

2. The lens produces softer pictures if focus is not proper. Just that it would refuse to produce sharper images even for a slightly inferior focus. So u cud check it with a tripod. U cud also check other forums where many have mentioned this as a bit of irritance.

This seems to be consistent with this lens. I cannot get anything that looks like a sharp focus.

3. 1/60 seems a bit too slow for this lens. I cud be wrong though.

I would normally agree but this was with flash and I think 1/60 should freeze the subject.

4. Sometimes the focus lock is not appropriate too. If u take the pictures and check the focus points, u might find those areas are not the sharpest. I dont know why but one of my friend had this problems while using this lens.

I'm not sure how to view the focus points in Lightroom 3?

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