Fuji F31 vs Oly XZ-1 Photos (for Johny!)

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Re: Fuji F31 vs Oly XZ-1 Photos

FWIW (and as I mentioned earlier) my daughter used an XZ-1 on a recent trip, I used an SLR (and I also used the XZ-1 for a few hundred frames), and my wife used our F30. Only one of us complained about shutter lag, and that person, who shall remain nameless (although it wasn't me and it wasn't my daughter) complained loudly and frequently.

My impression: the F30 was a very nice compact camera for its day, but I think its day has passed; the XZ-1 is now a very nice compact camera for its day. The lens on the XZ-1 does seem to be quite sharp. I can't comment on the XZ-1 jpegs (which do seem to me to be rather muddled) because I use Lightroom. My wife will continue to use the F30 for a while, but the XZ-1 (plus a spare battery) will be our go-to camera when we don't need to drag along four pounds of camera plus lens.

Oh, I completely forgot about the shutter lag! Now, that is something I do not miss!!

Yes, the XZ-1 is a far better camera. The shallow depth of field on portraits is something the F-30 simply could not do. However, in my opinion, the F-30 still outperforms all of the non-advanced compact cameras on the market today. I know this because it was my quest to find a camera that would match the IQ of my Fugi that led me to the XZ-1, s95, G12, LX5 etc.

This is my question. If increasing sensor size increases IQ, why aren't we seeing the development of new/bigger sensors for compact cameras? Not m4/3 big, but maybe 1/1.3 for example. Why all the 1/2.3 or smaller sensors?
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