XZ-1 + Metz 24 AF-1 flash - pics!

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XZ-1 + Metz 24 AF-1 flash - pics!

For those of you who are wondering, I wanted to show what the Metz Mecablitz 24 AF-1 flash looks like on the XZ-1

I ordered this flash 3 months ago and just received it last week. I am still assessing it's performance, but at this moment here are the pros and cons:


Works perfectly with the XZ-1. I really know nothing about add on flashes, but I've been getting correct exposure no matter what mode I am shooting in.
No red eye
Balances really well on the XZ-1
Relatively inexpensive ($90)


It just seems too weak to preform well as a bounce flash. (the head swivels up at 45, 60, 75 and 90 degree angles) I want to work some more on this, because it could be user error, but so far I am not impressed.

Honestly, I cannot tell much of a difference between the power of this flash and the on board flash. I've tested both flashes under a variety of condition (low light, fill light, flash in a completely dark room, lighting subjects 20 feet away etc.) and I'm not seeing a difference I would consider significant.

I will continue testing for a couple of days and get back with my final thoughts.

(Please excuse the quality of these photos. I had to use my daughter's el-cheapo P&S.)

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