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Murphy's Law... still in full effect! I'm an expecting father and, being that my wife is due any day now, I decided to get a 77 limited in celebration. I've been pretty busy at work for the last month, so being that I had some unexpected spare time this weekend, I though I would take advantage of the reasonable weather and brush up on my shooting while I wait in anticipation for the 77 and the baby. I took the K-5 out of the bag, put in a freshly charged battery, settled on the 18-135 for a quick walk to the park, and headed out the door. After a few blocks I flipped the K-5 on and pointed my first photo op, pressed the shutter release half way...and nothing. No auto focus, no picture, no happy Pentax owner. I'm sure I'm probably going to have to send it in, but here are the details for the record (and in case anyone has a great idea for a fix):

In green mode, the display flashes 1/8000, F22, ISO 100 - No pictures can be taken.
In all modes, the aperture changes based on the focal length.
In manual, decent pictures can be with the correct settings selected.
Auto focus is not working with AF.S selected in any mode.
The mirror will raise in sensor cleaning mode.

Camera is ~ 3 months old (purchased new), SN 400xxxx, firmware 1.03, and has never been dropped or wet.

I have tried (to no avail):

Cleaning the contacts.
Multiple lenses, each with the same result.

The "bump" fix found in other posts, but it doesn't seem that the shutter is stuck, so no go there.

A different memory card and freshly charged battery (indicator reads full on camera as well).

Any thoughts, tests, or missing info before I call service tomorrow?

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