Digital M for Rolex ?

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Irakly Shanidze
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Re: Digital M for Rolex ?

I am sorry, I meant to say "if the answer to the first part of the question is yes".

Obviously, for a professional photographer, it would be easier to make the choice. You estimate the depreciation rate and the rate of return of using the camera as a tool, and then the math is pretty straightforward.

In your case, it all boils down to a question: how important are your images to you? If you think that losing 7K over 10 years (worst case scenario without factoring in an opportunity cost of keeping the Rolex and selling it in seven years) is more important than your pictures, then, I guess, you like the watch better than taking pictures. In that case, do not forget that, after you will have sold the rolex, you will need to get a new watch. Consider that a part of the cost of owning Leica.

With lenses it gets even more complex. However, considering that since M8 came out Summilux lenses have been appreciating at a growing rate, which is now more than 20% per year, you will easily recover the loss on selling the digital body in 10 years.

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