I'd Like to change my LX3 but !!

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maluka New Member • Posts: 11
I'd Like to change my LX3 but !!

I've had my Lx3 for two years now, ever since, the camera market have raised a bunch of new interesting features, but i'm still not convinced with any cam of them, for instance :

GH2 is such a dream cam, bur still heavy, Huge for any pocket, and really expensive,
HX100V with Zoom, Panorama and so many new features but, so very small sensor,
HX9V is the same as the HV100 but no Raw also
Lx5 is not a real step for me,
S95 is a good compact but no one switches from a 10mp to a 10mp !!
NEX5 is a really nice camera but very laud shutter and so few bottons

basically i'm chasing the following feature:
3/4 Sensor

the bottom line is for me a new camera have to be inspired by the Lx3 and i will not buy it if it have a smaller sensor !!

however, I'm open mind for any recommendations but personally, i wouldn't pick another brand out of Canon, Panasonic or Sony !


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