The 180mm f/2.8 on Full Frame

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Great moments

I like them

Great lens

moving_comfort wrote:


The AF 180 (and the AF 300 f4) have been my DX long glass for a while now - I'm finally starting to shoot it more on the D700. I have to admit I miss the loss of 'reach', but feel that the FX 'length' is probably more useful in more situations. The shallower DOF still has me thinking more, and choosing one stop more in some cases.

The IQ is as much as I could ask for for such an economical telephoto. Probably my favorite Nikon lens, overall.


f/4, trying to get rid of flying ants by throwing dirt while Buzz Lightyear looks on

f/5.6, about to go down the yellow plastic 'tornado slide'

f/5.6, looks very "f/3.5" to me

f/5.6 test shot for metering... just a lot of crisp detail

f/5, another test subject, somewhat imoressed with results


f/5, close play at first

....and second....



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