Have i got a lemon????????

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Tom Hoots
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Re: Have i got a lemon????????


Here is what I think about your settings:

NDF - OFF - I'm not so sure about turning this off
Center focus - OK
Sharpness - high - I don't see the need
Noise reduction - Low - I disagree 100% with doing this
Colour mode - standard or vivid - Standard works for me
Saturation - standard - Standard works for me
Contrast - high - I don't agree with this

I thought that my results with noise reduction at "low" looked AWFUL. I'll never try that again.

I've also tried contrast on "high," but I don't prefer that look. I prefer "standard" contrast.

Really, I've been happiest with all of the color and image parameters at "standard."

I don't see anything too awful with your images -- those were some challenging situations. For instance, with the dark water and the lighter skies, cranking up the contrast is making things more difficult, I'd think. And I'd agree with other folks that turning down the noise reduction (thus increasing noise) and turning up the sharpness (thus making the noise even more noticeable) is just counter-productive.

As for post-processing, I'll usually do an auto-levels check, and then either fine-tune it or discard it altogether, and I always use a wee bit of unsharp mask after resizing an image downward. But that's usually all I do, unless I also crop the image a bit.

In the end, I'd say, "good luck, and keep shooting!"

Tom Hoots

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