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High-end P&S

PipelineExplorer wrote:

Also not in just cities but high up at machu pichu or in egypt photographing the sphinx or maybe down in a cave !!!

That last one pretty much disqualifies anything but a high-end DSLR. It really also depends on how good a photographer you are, and what you plan on doing with your photos. If they're just for your own memorabilia, then frankly you'll be fine with a compact P&S that has a flash. No need for interchangeable lenses. You'll be more concerned with considerations such as being able to re-charge batteries, etc. Given that you're new to photography, I'd stick with a high-end P&S like the Olympus XZ-1, or perhaps a bridge camera. You're not ready for the challenge of interchangeable lenses IMO, and they won't buy you anything magical.

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