A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

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Re: Ups and Downs

rick decker wrote:

Thanks, and don't worry, I don't take it personally.

Much appreciated, as you know how criticism sometimes works out in forums.

First, let me address NIK filters. I used them because I felt many of the images looked flat due to the light conditions. Perhaps I just traded "A for B".

Completely understand your intention. I also like those NIK filters for adding some pop to flat images and know their characteristic of potential noise enhancement. Since the noise I mentioned is mostly color noise, and color noise as such is mostly rather easily removeable, have you tried getting rid of it? The big color noise blotches typical for Foveon high ISO noise were always difficult to treat, but this pixel-perfect noise shouldn't be that hard. Or am I wrong as I haven't tried this yet with SD1 RAWs?

To me the proof is in the print. There is a tremendous amount of detail being pulled out of this camera. I have done 40x60 prints (cropped sections) and they look very impressive.

I bet the captured detail is impressive, in case the lens is able to deliver. The 18-50 actually fared better than I would have expected, whereas with many other zooms (and also the 18-50 in less than ideal settings) their specific weaknesses easily show up at this resolution. More primes please!

Thanks again for all these full size samples and please add even more!


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