XZ-1. Barns. Dramatic Filter. First Impressions.

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Re: XZ-1 and good old F30

Well, any side by side photos between F30/F31 and XZ-1 will be greatly appreciated!

Auto settings, manual settings, outdoor photo, indoor photo, low light, high ISO photo, macro, long exposure, 100% crops.. I will love you forever

Considering the video, I am not using it very often as well, but the quality is really a let-down (from what I've seen). When I purchased my F30 back in 2006, the video quality was really good (and it is still to some extent) so it was really good "added bonus". Now, we have cameras almost everywhere, and the ability to shoot video is somehow take for granted. But when the video output of XZ-1 is worse then video from older cameras or smartphones, that is quite sad..

Have a look here: http://www.digitalversus.com/duels.php?ty=1&ma1=32&mo1=1325&p1=10504&ma2=32&mo2=1408&p2=11049&ph=14 It is my favorite comparison website. Just chose "video frame" from the menu and you can compare different cameras. And XZ-1 is really poor in this regard.

And considering the low light performance I mentioned. I've seen only few low light photos, but they looked quite red/brown to me. But maybe it is just a matter of settings of white balance.

Anyway, XZ-1 is so far closest to "ultimate" compact and Olympus did a great job.

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