How do you like your 60D?

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Re: How do you like your 60D?

Please define "mispositioned buttons". What exactly is a "mispositioned button" layout?
A "mispositioned" for you may be "satisfyingly positioned" for another.

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

Russ42 wrote:

Seem to me that since the OP asked 'how do you like your 60d" if you don't have one you aught not to reply.

Well, I had one and I liked it so much as to dispose of it - so my opinion is valid even in this context. I in fact am less biased as those that have one as their only DSLR at this point in time - they have decided to use this camera for whatever reason and to admit that they made a wrong choice or that the camera isn't perfect may well be beyond them.

I still have (with the exception of the 30D and one of my 40Ds) all my DSLRs that I ever bought - and the 60D with it's inferior memory card interface, mispositioned buttons, heavy reliance on menus, mushy 8-way-controller without tactile feedback, overcrowded right hand side, too small thumb rest and overall misformed (not just my opinion, quite a few of my real life friends are of this opinion) hand grip didn't even cut it to be bought at all, I had one on loan that I could have kept for a modest price - but with all these drawbacks the thought never crossed my mind.

If I wanted a light camera the 550D would be better, if I wanted a workhorse I could rely on the 7D is the way to go (which I got the day it was released)...

I'm still looking for a good camera to replace the 50D for my wife, she tried the 60D and the 7D - now I am on the lookout for a second 7D - even she (who always is looking for a light, small camera) didn't like the 60D one iota.
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