No merge into one beautiful system?

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Re: Or maybe...

Raist3d wrote:

Robert Schroeder wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

unless Olympus was paying them for their sensor/tech.

... if Fuji would choose the Micro Four Thirds mount for the mirrorless system camera they're seemingly preparing, and join the Micro Four Thirds manufacturers' group. Which wouldn't be so much out of the way, as they've meen members of the Four Thirds consortium all the way –

Four thirds consortium and micro four thirds consortium are separate and not the same. Moreover, Panasonic and Olympus did close down on it much more than Four Thirds. But let's say they join- then what? Why would they support that? I wouldn't be surprised they come out with their own set of lenses.

even if they only recently designed a new APS-C sized sensor for their X100 which could well be seen as a prototype for a mirrorless system camera as well. But what should they do if not join Micro Four Thirds – join Sony? Join Samsung?

Why do they have to join anyone? Fuji has know how for producing lenses and sensors. That's all they need.

Yes, but for their new system to be only as attractive as Micro Four Thirds is right now, they would have to come out with a lens lineup comparable with the now-existing Micro Four Thirds range right away, which would be a major effort.

On the other hand, if they'd do it right, and they might well be technically able to do it, they could right away come out with a lineup of much more serious lens designs than Micro Four Thirds has to offer especially in the zoom field.

Which would be, in my opinion, the only way to go which would make a decision against joining Micro FT rational.

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