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There is no single easy answer to this question

PipelineExplorer wrote:

What camera setup would you take with you to travel the world. What lens and camera would you take. Must be interchangeable lens camera, Dslr or M4/3. What two lenses would you take with you. Whether it be pictures for national geographic close up or far way?!?! What is your ideal setup?

I would probably lean to the g3 or the d5100 but am unsure of the lens. it would probably be a pancake and a large telephoto. Then again i am new to photography and know nothing!!!

We usually take a single holiday/vacation each year. Up until this year I typically took a single camera with a wide to short telephoto lens; usually this was my Panasonic LX3, but if I was starting from scratch I would probably chose either the LX5 or Olympus ZX1 today.

This suits my shooting style as over 90% of my images are at wide to normal focal lengths and most of my telephoto images are of architectural details that interest me.

This year we visited the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, an area of stunning natural beauty.

Still wanting to travel light I took my Panasonic GH2 with three lenses only:

  • 14-140mm kit zoom lens.

  • 7-14mm wide angle zoom lens.

  • 20mm prime lens.

Something like 80% of my images were shot with the 14-140 as was most of the video, typically with the camera mounted on a monopod. The long end of this lens was still powerful enough to capture things like gargoyles which fascinate me.

Again if I was starting from scratch I would probably consider the G3 with this lens attached. If that is outside your budget there is always the possibility of using the 14-42mm kit lens and then something wider or longer in addition, depending on your shooting style and interests.

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