A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

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Re: I believe this image is actually much better

Managarm, appreciating your patience while Erik and I worked through some things which have helped illuminate the situations you are talking about.

  • now that I have seen the noise, I agree with most places you have found it; also that it hasn't one way or other to do with lichen-etc., except that certain image tones around the mold spots may be in a range that seems to excite this green pixel noise.

  • The noise appears very peculiar. Please see last posting with Erik for some details, but a pretty significant one is that the noise doesn't show in dark areas (or light), but rather in certain mid-tones, possibly color regimes, possibly circumstances of nearby or backing features. Also, in this particular ISO 100 image the noise shows, but not apparently in another which is ISO 400. I have suggested a quick enough test as Rick is reprocessing, but we'll have to see if we can understand something definitive then.

  • Again in last note to Erik, you can see I seem to have spotted another type of anomaly - medium-small features of the image like foliage leaves are sometimes turned to a simple grey mask. Or that is the appearance, which is also seen in other examples.

  • the sharpening causes and remedies we seem to all agree on, great; and Rick's going to have the chance to recover blown highlight raw, if I didn't actually understand that he'd already done this on the intended postings.

  • ideas of course occur but at this point they are only speculation, mostly about noise or blotch reduction gone wrong, and I'm sure we'll all see farther with confidence soon.

You can probably tell it is late here. But this has been a very interesting conversation, Managarm, and appreciated. On all, you are welcome.


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