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Re: The World Camera!!!???

PeterLeyssens wrote:


I haven't travelled the world, but I have been out for 6 weeks. There's one important message that anybody experienced in long term travel will tell you. It would seem logical to assume you need to take more equipment, because you'll encounter more situations. But the opposite is true: if you travel longer and cover more distance, you need to take as little as possible . You won't like lugging a Nikon D3 + a bunch of zoom lenses around if you pack up and lift all your belongings every other day.

Very, very sound advice. I carried around my camera and equipment for just over six months straight. Everyday ...every day. More is definitely not better.

The same holds even for µ43 equipment. It may be tempting to take a 7-14, a few primes, then the 40-150 and the 70-300 for all those safaris, and then a converter for a few legacy lenses. Bad idea. I like it that you have decided to cut down to two lenses, but three could be a better idea.


  • a 9-18mm for cities and landscapes

  • a 20/f1.7 for a really small package that you can carry around when you're not in the photographer mode (i.e. going for a drink)

  • a 40-150. It's really light at 190gr and at least you'll have some reach in case you need it.

For my Japan trip of 6 weeks, I took a film camera (1 body) with a 28/f2.8, 50/f1.4 and a 90/f2. I did buy a 200/f4 during the trip, too, for some reach, but I hardly used it.

Enjoy the trip !


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