Sad News, But Also the start of something new.

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Sad News, But Also the start of something new.

Well everyone as posted on my facebook the other day

" Today is a sad day for this photographer, last night my primary camera died, it will be sold on ebay soon, it is with great gratitude and appreciation that i say farewell to a faithful friend and trusted companion, through the past two years we have seen it all, and looking through its lens will be an activity i will greatly miss. Farewell my trusted friend!"

What i notice now without my camera is all the things i never looked at when i was looking through my lens, i lost 4 modeling contracts this week alone now that i am camera less, i didnt even get to shoot the fireworks,

while its not too too important and i hold out NO HOPE for a quick fix here is what happened, one day the cameras live view screen (it was a sony alpha a350 btw) developed a black spot, looked like the lcd had been cracked, it was only in the lower right of the screen and of course didnt show up on photos LOL, I quickly researched and ordered a new screen, a few days later it came and i proceeded to carefully disassemble the back of the camera, i got it all apart and even got the new screen in but all it did was show white, no normal display, so i got frustrated and somehow snapped the tiny black locking lever on the motherboard, at this point i knew my live view was dead, but the camera still worked,

the next morning I awoke and thought of using a portable dvd as a "viewer" for the fireworks i was supposed to shoot, a few call to best buy and they told me to bring in the camera, i went and dug it out of its lab table and went to put the battery back i nand switch it on...


I cant tell you what happened maybe a short or not i dont know, these things are so delicate i didnt want to damage it even further, i have sold it along with the lens it came with and the battery and pack as well as the new remote switch i had just bought for 500, i feel thats as good as im going to get with the damaged camera, whomever bought it might fix it i dont know the lens were ok so i guess i got a decent deal,

Now camera less and anxious to get back to shooting i come to you the forum for advice, i like sony, but i have nothing against nikon, canon, pentax or even fuji, can someone reccomend a starter setup, a body, 3 lens (one tele) (one medium prime) (one wide to tele) and the like

ill take any suggestions and dont mind buying used, i loved sony because you could buy all those awesome lens from the minolta line

so onward and upward, where to next!

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