The World Camera!!!???

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Re: The World Camera!!!???

Super topic.

The interchangeable lens camera would definitely be m4/3, I want to travel light. Absolute image quality is not my primary concern, I want maximum convenience and light weight.

Instead of one of the lenses I would take a travel zoom. That would give me maximum flexibility, a backup body, long reach, and minimize lens changes. My trusty Canon SX100IS featuring a decent 36-360mm EFL lens would do just fine.

What it lacks is wide angle and bright lenses. So Zuiko 9-18 and Pany 20mm definitely travel with me.

This setup is already very functional and flexible, but I'd like to photograph people that I meet along the way. Problem is, none of the lenses that I packed is really good at that. It's going to be a 4th lens, but I'll try to slip it in anyway. There is a ton of great MF choices here, but based on sheer weight, the newly announced 45mm f1.8 Zuiko wins (just 118 g). Image quality is unknown yet, but I trust it will be competent.

Now the body selection. I want IBIS for night city shots, and some portraits, so the choice is between E-P3 and E-PL3. PL3 is smaller, and LCD tilts, but E-P3 has better controls, display, and flash. Tough choice, but ultimately E-PL3 is a bit smaller in all dimensions, hence easier to put in the windbreaker pocket, so it wins.

Here's the photo gear for my next world trip:

  • EPL-3

  • Canon SX100IS (36-360mm EFL)

  • Panasonic 20mm f1.4

  • Zuiko 9-18mm

  • Zuiko 45mm f1.8

It's a 5 piece kit, but all components are light, compact and pocketable, total weight under 1 kilo.

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