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Re: I believe this image is actually much better

NarrBL wrote:

Erik, in truth lichens and molds do naturally have colors along a low saturation spectrum. Green-yellows included. That may not be relevant here, because I think there is still not noise as a practical matter; please see below.

The color schmutz under the eaves is not like lichen. Here it is blown up and saturation exaggerated:

On the browers: in theory, both you mention pay attention to color profiles. However, in their up-to-date versions, on up-to-date Windows 7, they are not responding to the specific color profile in these images, ProPhoto RGB.

I don't know what's misconfigured on your system. Here is CS5, Firefox, & Safari on mine:

Since I have a high-gamut monitor, it's obvious when an application is not profiling correctly as saturated colors go neon. Here is a page where you can check your browser configuration:

  • yes, if you push saturation so that the entire image is about to bloom phosphorescent, you can see a little green dot noise under the other eaves.

And that's what the OP was likely referring to and not the little be of greyish mold. Why? Because the soft edged mold does not resemble noise in the least. You can still see the noise even w/o boosting saturation because the of the pattern.

As you are well aware, photoelectronic devices have shot noise. Its going to show at some level of abuse.

Shot noise is sqrt(signal). It would not be any biased to mainly one color or just show up in slight shadows. Yes, if Rick had abused fill light on that photo but it obvious from the other shadow areas in the foliage he did not. You are trying too hard to defend this.

I hope you did notice how good the images actually are, given a proper color profile and/or conversion. I really enjoyed this.

Color-wise this is a nice image, probably the best of the bunch in IMHO. For anything but pixel peeping at 100%, the noise under the eaves is not a big deal. But Sigma images are supposed to stand up to 100% peeping - or at least that's been the mantra here for the past 8+ years.

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