A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

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Re: Rick, I think these are a lot better than they are appearing

Great stuff, Rick, and glad you're on it. This should be a contribution to lowering some other temperatures around these parts, we will hope. And besides getting to measure them properly, it will really give people the benefit of your generosity in showing your photos, not just as SD1 results.

I was going to throw in for others that Photoshop isn't always easy to trust or interpret on this matter of incoming color profiles, thus what you should do with a given image.

The way to make it tell you forthrightly is not in Preferences, but rather in Edit> Color Settings. There you can check all the boxes for best results; to be Asked when Opening, Pasting, or when there are just plain Missing profiles: what to do.

This works and gives good reminders in the choices, which one can match up with what you know you've exported as in color space from SPP. I'm not sure it covers all the legacy cases, but I think it will be correct for SPP5.


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