A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

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Re: I believe this image is actually much better

Erik, in truth lichens and molds do naturally have colors along a low saturation spectrum. Green-yellows included. That may not be relevant here, because I think there is still not noise as a practical matter; please see below.

On the browers: in theory, both you mention pay attention to color profiles. However, in their up-to-date versions, on up-to-date Windows 7, they are not responding to the specific color profile in these images, ProPhoto RGB. Chrome does look slightly worse, but they all look pretty uniformly bad on these images.

It's a good point to have mentioned, however, both for the future, and because possibly Safari on some levels of Macintosh release does accommodate ProPhoto RGB. If so, this could account for real experts in the forum showing up with images that others feel to question.

Now, I boosted (and reduced) saturation to try out your noise point.

  • the mold stays very present under the entry eaves even at greyscale presentation. No essential change.

  • yes, if you push saturation so that the entire image is about to bloom phosphorescent, you can see a little green dot noise under the other eaves.

As you are well aware, photoelectronic devices have shot noise. Its going to show at some level of abuse. It doesn't show whatsoever in normal viewing of these SD1 images, and that's the way competent designs work.

I hope you did notice how good the images actually are, given a proper color profile and/or conversion. I really enjoyed this.

Regards, Erik, it's been a while. You look to be enjoying life, and I noticed the other day how well your photos are doing on the contests. That wavy iPhone one - quite liked that.


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