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Re: I believe this image is actually much better

NarrBL wrote:

  • the image looks sparklingly better than on a web browser -- and quite natural to place and lighting. Colors pop entirely naturally out of the greys and whites, just as one point, and the lighting and color everywhere is much better.

Thanks for the tip. I actually gave it a try and yes, depending on the color profile, the picture looked slightly different in PS5 vs Firefox. But I didn't criticize the color or lighting at all in the first place as there were a lot of more serious "problems" for me. And unfortunately, all of these problems remain, independent of the software used.

  • there is a profile tag of ProPhoto RGB present, which is guiding this better rendition, and indicating that the image wasn't converted to sRGB before posting. New vs. old problems, new vs. old default profiles, etc. in SPP5 are probably leading to this situation, so that there needs to be a new workflow.

Yes, especially agree on the subpar settings of SPP5.

  • what may look like bad noise for example under the entry roof eaves I believe is simply filmy mold or lichen, the kinds that grow in wet climates. I've seen them certainly in Norway and England, besides that they're endemic where I grew up. Proof is that there is no noise in similar shadows of other eaves, while in the top back under eaves there are some leak or waterflow-patterned markings that look like what they are rather than noise.

Your mold-hypothesis is quite entertaining, but I am definitely more convinced of simply calling it color noise, as Erik already pointed out. I know that kind of lichen you mention and there sure also might be some present (especially in the shadow=moistier parts) and also waterflow patterned markings, no doubt about that. But this pattern I'm talking about is very evenly distributed, following a gradient from lighter to darker areas. Not only under the roof, but also inside the house (look at the curtains and inner parts of the windows), on the mountains in the background and even on the clouds in the transition zone. I see it everywhere except for the brighter parts of the image - and as usual with noise even more so in homogeneous areas (dark eaves) than in highly detailed ones (grass). I'm not that allergic to noise in general, but this extent is way over my personal taste. Anyway, sure could have been exagerated a lot with processing.

  • somewhat jagged rendering for the house siding edges, as well as general 'sharpening' complaint are due to the same problem, likely: it's now being realized that 'zero' sharpening in SPP5 is actually quite a bit of not-very-clever sharpening. I believe the advice is to go to -1.8 or -2 for SPP, and then use Smart Sharpening or your preference in Photoshop for any required sharpening.

Completely agree. The same was also true for every single previous version of SPP. I just don't get the logic of calling a setting "0", when it's actually far from it. Feigning higher base resolution than actually exists? Always disliked that approach no matter what was the intent of it. So, this workaround for the SD1 is pretty much the same as with the SDs before it, but the base oversharpening seems to be even more visible than before.


Thanks for your interpretation and kind reply.


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