A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

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Rick, I think these are a lot better than they are appearing

You can see my reply to Managarm above, for some detail, but it seems to be the issue with color management and profiles in dealing with SPP5.

Many of the images I've looked at in detail are actually tagged as being in ProPhoto RGB. When viewed in a Photoshop that supports this, they immediately brighten up, smooth up, gain dynamic range, and look remarkably better technically on all counts, as you'd expect.

The final step would be conversion to sRGB for the web, which preserves the excellent look very well.

This is true, for example, of the image Managarm was analyzing, the first image in your gallery, and one I picked just because it had looked dark even in thumbnail, and which I think will answer Paul about look of leaves in Amsterdam becoming correct. These are:


Note that it isn't true for all of the images; this one for example is tagged sRGB, and possibly actually was converted to that colorspace.


It's hard to be sure because of the exposure of whites, and indeed there are some blown highlights in a number of the images, such as the bicycle handlebars and other hotspots in the first gallery image, the downtown across a canal.

On this, reading here seems to indicate that metering on SD1 tends to expose heavily for the shadows, and that there is then quite a bit of headroom actually in the RAW, so that you can use SPP to bring the highlights back out of over-exposure. That image with the bicycles might well be able to prove this, adding to the quiver of community arrows.

Rick, much appreciated your photography, as always. It is a real pleasure, and not at all just because these particular images also bring back memory of homes, and proleptic homes, for one person.

It's rather the kind that just draws you in. The SD1 may actually turn out to be a further step as a tool for this; and will hope so.


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