A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

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Hmmm my take...

There's no way to hide  this but looks like the new Foveon isn't very good with less than ideal light.  The luminance noise seems o-k bit not a big improvement. What worries me is the color constancy Foveon issue- the same issue I saw in Laurence's cat shows up here too often and this is still daylight even if overcast and I am talking about iso 100:


Maybe as spp evolves this will be much better.

The only thing I could think of is if the shot was very under exposed and Rick had to level it up in post. But I am seeing this very often

The iso 400 shots that look o-k seem to have had a sizable
Amount of noise reduction applied

It makes me think the iso improvement is about one stop over the older Foveon and not up to two stops thought though you could always resize down to compare vs the older Foveon and that will help, at which point will make it much harder to distinguish from a bayer result.

I honestly dont see how sigma is going to move the cameras at that price.  This all said I have seen some good low iso shots from Carl and the other China website

As photos I am not too surprised by them.

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