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Re: I believe this image is actually much better

And, Managarm, it's not your fault to observe differently -- quite polite and reasonable analysis.

However, this time (compared to some other image postings) there's a top-level clue.

If you download and open the image with a recent enough version of Photoshop, two things become apparent:

  • the image looks sparklingly better than on a web browser -- and quite natural to place and lighting. Colors pop entirely naturally out of the greys and whites, just as one point, and the lighting and color everywhere is much better.

  • there is a profile tag of ProPhoto RGB present, which is guiding this better rendition, and indicating that the image wasn't converted to sRGB before posting. New vs. old problems, new vs. old default profiles, etc. in SPP5 are probably leading to this situation, so that there needs to be a new workflow.

But to say it again, the actual image looks greatly better than one may think by simply viewing in a web browser. This can be fixed rapidly; I don't post the results as they're Rick's images.

Further observations:

  • what may look like bad noise for example under the entry roof eaves I believe is simply filmy mold or lichen, the kinds that grow in wet climates. I've seen them certainly in Norway and England, besides that they're endemic where I grew up. Proof is that there is no noise in similar shadows of other eaves, while in the top back under eaves there are some leak or waterflow-patterned markings that look like what they are rather than noise.

  • somewhat jagged rendering for the house siding edges, as well as general 'sharpening' complaint are due to the same problem, likely: it's now being realized that 'zero' sharpening in SPP5 is actually quite a bit of not-very-clever sharpening. I believe the advice is to go to -1.8 or -2 for SPP, and then use Smart Sharpening or your preference in Photoshop for any required sharpening.

Hoping this helps the situation, and the feeling for Rick's results.


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