Sony, why not put new FF sensor into A900 body?

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Re: Lack of bug fixes doesn't mean lack of bugs

tomtom50 wrote:

If Condor99 is going to be nasty he should be more careful with his facts.

I do have my facts correct, you are the one who is wrong.

The mirror is not what causes overheating, it is sensor use. Using Live View heats the sensor. Taking video heats the sensor. Mirrorless cameras use the sensor more than dslrs, not less. The GH1 has excellent video and Live View, so it is a great example. Forest & trees and all that.

I said all DSLR/DSLT sensors overheat when recording video. Alphino stated the GH1 doesn't overheat. I stated the GH1 is not a DSLR/DSLT.

It is the way SOME cameras work. There are digital cameras that have an interrupted viewfinder feed even when you take a photo (or a burst). Interrupted the viewfinder feed is a design decision, not inherent. Just watch, as more cameras go to EVF interrupted finders will become a selling point.

This is true and has nothing to do with the conversation. Alphsino claims that the a55 has a bug because it works the way it does. That is not a bug, it is the way it is designed. The way other cameras work have no bearing on this discussion. Read all the posts and get your fact straight before you go butting in.

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