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Re: Thinking of getting a NEX

gbert15 wrote:

Thanks for the reply guys! Hmmmm from what I gather there isn't that much difference between models other than preference!

Pretty much the case. The NEX3 vs NEX5 has a few valid things to consider, such as the video capabilities and the IR remote for the NEX5 - if those are important or not can guide you to a choice between those two. For me, the NEX3 was cheaper, and those two features were not important to me.

Waiting for the C3 vs buying now is your choice. There should be a very slight improvement with the newer sensor, but it is not huge - the current NEX sensor is excellent in low light.

As far as battery life goes, I can, and have always been, lug around a second battery!

You should be fine then, even with the previous models. I for one don't use a second battery - I've shot all day and for two sepeerate days on one charge, about 600 shots, with my NEX3 and still had charge remaining. Much has to do with how you use the camera - I use no video, sleep mode in 1 minute, no auto review, no Auto modes, and occasional manual focus, so I am fairly conservative with battery usage.

I dont know about that heating issue though! Is that really a huge concern amongst users or is it just because of prolonged use? If so, how long does it take for the camera to heat up and what conditions are they being used in?

I can't say I know anything about a heating issue...AFAIK that would have to do with extended video recording. I don't use the video feature of my cameras, so it's never come up. I shoot in extremely hot, humid conditions with my NEX3 keeping it on for hours at a time, and in stills shooting, it's never overheated.

So far I dont really do shots that needs long exposures and dont really plan to take videos much! Size would be, like you guys said, of personal preference, i think and so I will do as you guys advice and go to a store and try out how each camera feels!

Good idea.

Is the material of the camera of real importance though? Does it help in any way? Maybe with the over heating issue? Cuz if its just the feel of plasticy and a good metal feel, its fine and I do take good care of my stuff anyways! So I would just like to know if there is a real disadvantage in material!

None really. The plastic is very high grade on the NEX3, well textured, with good grip, and isn't thin or cheap feeling, so there's not much in it other than preference to feel the metal on the body or show it off. There is a slight grip difference though with the NEX5 being less high and having a more pronounced grip sticking out, and the NEX3 and C3 being more smooth-bodied with a thinner, flatter, wider grip area. You may find you have a preference one way or the other. I handled them both, and gave a very very slight edge to the NEX5 in feel, but they were so close that the $100 savings for the NEX3 won me over.

Ive also been searching actually on price and its seems that they have around 100-300 price difference between each other! This is actually why I wanted to see the main differences with them! Its a matter of do I spring for the latest model that will cost me alot more or an old one? Cuz if there so no significant difference, it doesnt really seem justifiable to get the more expensive ones!

Basically, that's the thing. If you can still find any NEX3s around, they are blowing them out at fantastic prices. If not, the C3 is the follow up to that camera. The NEX5 stays higher typically, so it's up to you if it's worth the extra.

Lastly, I just wanted to know your opinion on lenses! What should I spring for? The 16mm pancake lens or the 18-55mm one? Would I benefit in getting both or just getting one and waiting for the new lens to arrive? Any other lens you might recommend?

If you find the package deal for both, and it's within your budget, I'd say go for it and get both. When I was buying and faced with getting only one, I decided the 18-55mm was more useful overall for mixed use and travel shooting which is how I'll use my NEX the most, and manual lenses make up for the other types of shooting until more NEX lenses start popping up.

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