A week plus with the SD1 (long.....very long)

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Issues with highly saturated colors.

VadymA wrote:

  • "Bad" Foveon look is present more often than desired (noise, color accuracy, and everything that other posters mentioned).

What jumped out at me in a few shots were issues with highly saturated colors:

  • the red flowers next to the blue door sill look painted in

  • other red/magenta flowers also look off (too smoothed)

  • on the "Sail Away Special": the color noise in the dark blue table cloth, posterization in the shadows, and the rope at the top middle of this photo looks strange

This may be SPP5.0 but that's all there is at this point. This reminds me of the SD9 in that the camera+SPP can be very good in it's sweet spot but has some strange behavior outside of it.

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