HX100 Scene Recognition: How To?

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perry rhodan
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Re: HX100 Scene Recognition: How To?

SonyBob963 wrote:

SamTruax wrote:


and Smile Detector.

NOW, when in iAuto (green) and I press MENU, I can select iSCN and am offered the iSCN+ version, as explained in the manual chart on page 133. I have successfully experimented with it, and am able to follow the manual instructions and produce 2 slightly differently lit images.

(only IF the camera decides it needs to) I cannot find any manual settings here to overrule the auto. The autopilot decides between 3 choices: to use backlight or twilight or NONE. That is a pity. But hey, there's more then auto in this little gem!

I have triple and quadruple checked (by turning camera off/on, switching the Mode dial to different settings), and verified that this new list of MENU items for Intelligent Auto persists;

Thanks for this very insightfull thread!

regards perry

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