Pentax Kit Lens vs Tamron or Sigma (Help me decide)

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Re: Pentax Kit Lens vs Tamron or Sigma (Help me decide)

KentG wrote:

The answer is no. None of the 18-250 zooms is as good as the 55-300 from 200mm on up and maybe even lower than 200. But that is not saying that the 18-250s are not acceptable.

If you really want one lens and don't want to change maybe a superzoom P&S camera would be an option. The whole idea of a DSLR is to make it so you are not tied to one set of optics. And just because you have more than one lens ( Ithink I have 20 or 30) does not mean you have to carry all of them every time you take the camera out to shoot. I have several kits made up from consumer to pro level that I can leave the house with and get at least the entire range of focal lengths I am prepared to shoot. Some kits cover the exact same range as others but are lighter or heavier depending on how much IQ I am prepared to sacrifice for the sake of convenience.

The Sigma 18-125 is a decent lens with good reviews and I have one in my Canon system. I don't like superzoom lenses as much myself. Something that goes from 16-18 and up to 125-135 is all I need. Any more zoom range than about 4x and IQ tends to suffer.
Kent Gittings

Thanks Kent,

You've provided some great information. I've decided to keep the lenses I have as it seems everyone is in agreement that the Pentax 55 - 300 is a pretty good lens as is the 18 - 55. I think the best decision is to save up for a nice 18 - 125/135 which will expand my options and provide the versatility for walk around photos when needed.

Someone did mention a bridge camera but that's out of the question. I just sold my Panasonic FZ100 which was a nice camera and took excellent pictures in good sunlight but low light outdoor and indoor photos really suffered with noise. Anything above ISO 400 was pretty noisy due to the sensor's small size. I love the Kr for it's ability to shoot at higher ISO in low light without much noise. It really is in a different league which is to be expected from a good DSLR.

Now the questions becomes, is the Pentax 18 - 135 worth the extra money over the Sigma 18 - 125? Will the Sigma allow me to use all the features on my K-r?

Thanks to everyone for your valuable input.


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