No More "This brand's color vs. That brand's color"...

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Strange how the same system works for some but not others.. has worked perfectly for me (Colorchecker Passport).

I went through the process with my D300 and D700 and apply the generated profiles in ACR.

Particularly useful to me are the profiles I generated under studio flash conditions (Bowens) where I take a lot of product pack shots. Clients understandably want the colour in the images of their products to look as close to the real thing as possible, especially when they may have several different products where the packaging looks the same on all except for a (sometimes subtle) colour difference between them.

The difference between an image without the profile and the same image with is astonishing. I can hold the actual product in my hand, look at the profiled image on my calibrated monitor and (because I deal with print houses who run proper colour managed workflows) have the printed brochure/flyer/catalogue on my desk and they are all so close (not 100%, that just won't happen) that I am always impressed as are my clients.

The colours are much more accurate (hue and saturation) and the contrast is spot-on.

I have done nothing special, in fact because of time constraints I could be accused of taking a 'quick and dirty' approach to the profiling because apart from making sure my exposure is accurate I have only made one profile for each camera under those studio conditions. As far as I am aware I should do it with each different lens on each body but I really don't have the time for that and the one profile for each camera has been so good so far that I really haven't felt the need.

Away from the studio I have created just two profiles for each camera, 'bright sun' and 'overcast' that 8 times out of ten work just fine but if the job requires it I will generate as many profiles as necessary.

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